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Super Nintendo Saturday – Demon’s Crest

Today is Super Nintendo Saturday and each week we will be featuring a different SNES game. Feel free to email us with any requests and we will put them in our queue.

Demon’s Crest, 1994

Super Nintendo Demon's Crest

Demon’s Crest is a side-scrolling platform game for Super Nintendo that was developed by Capcom. The game features Firebrand, the devilish enemy from the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series, as he travels through the Demon Land.

The plot of the game is relatively simple. There are six crests – magical stones – each with an elemental power (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Time, and Heaven). When the crests are combined, the Crest of Infinity appears and the holder gains infinite power and the ability to conquer all the lands. In an attempt to acquire the Crest of Infinity, Firebrand gets badly injured and is ambushed by Phalanx, another demon who takes all but one of the crests.

Though a side-scrolling platformer, Demon’s Crest actually relies on hovering and climbing as its main source of movement. As Firebrand progresses through the Demon Land and regains the crests, he is able to morph into different gargoyles, each with different abilities. If determined, the game is short enough to beat in one sitting.

It should also be noted that Demon’s Crest had horrible sales and even went negative at points. Parents likely didn’t like their children playing as a demon and returned the game to retailers even though it was rated E, only warning of animated violence. The game retailed for $14.99 when it was originally released, but is now considered a hidden gem for the Super Nintendo.

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