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Sega Genesis Sunday – Jurassic Park

Today is Sega Genesis Sunday and each week we will be featuring a different Sega Genesis game. Feel free to email us with any requests and we will put them in our queue.

Jurassic Park, 1993

Sega Genesis Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a game based off the hit movie for Sega Genesis that was developed by BlueSky Software. The game features two modes of gameplay – playing as Dr. Alan Grant or as a Velociraptor.

While playing as Dr. Grant, you must navigate through Isla Nublar to the Visitor’s Center to escape the island via helicopter. Grant receives a variety of weapons to combat the dinosaurs that are free from their enclosures. These weapons require ammo, which can be found scattered throughout the levels.  This mode of gamplay has seven levels.

Alternatively, players can play as a velociraptor on the hunt to eliminate the humans from Jurassic Park. This mode spans only five levels. Along the way, other dinosaurs and humans can harm the Raptor, but a hearty diet of meat will replenish its life. The Raptor can only attack by biting or using claws in close proximity, but he can run faster and jump higher than Grant.

This game is definitely a must-play. The graphics are fun for it’s time and the game modes are unique. While it doesn’t necessarily take anything from the movie other than humans vs. dinosaurs, it is a great inspired title. There is a password save option, but each game mode is short enough to play in just a couple of hours.

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