Who is Matt?

Visit our Who’s Matt? page to learn about Matt and the history of Matt’s Game Exchange!

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What do you carry?

We carry everything from your retro favorites to the newest next-gen systems.

  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Nintendo 64 (N64)
  • Nintendo Game Cube
  • Gameboy (All Generations)
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • Atari
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Sony Playstation (PS1)
  • Sony Playstation 2 (PS2)
  • Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)
  • Sony Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • Sony PSP
  • Sony Playstation Vita)
  • Microsoft XBOX
  • Microsoft XBOX 360 (X360)
  • Microsoft XBOX ONE (XONE)
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How much will you give me for my collection?

It is best to visit your local Matt’s Game exchange in person for all offers. We can not accurately make you an offer online or via telephone due to the nature of the business. We test everything we bring in to ensure quality and base our offers on many time-sensitive factors.

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Do you have this specific title?

It is very hard to answer any inventory questions online. However, if you call one of our locations, our expert staff can assist you. If we do not currently have the title in stock, we can place you on the reservation list. It is free and only requires a name and phone number. We will give you a call when the title becomes available. If there are multiple people waiting for the same title, we will call those waiting the longest first.

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What is your warranty policy?

We guarantee games and systems for 30 days against defects. We check all systems thoroughly but if there is a problem we are more than happy to replace it.
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What if I am purchasing a Christmas present?

If you are making a purchase for Christmas, we will mark your receipt and the warranty will start Christmas day.

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What if I don’t like a game, beat it too quickly, or it’s too hard?

We offer 75% store credit if you bring it back within a week with your receipt. This is better than renting.

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Will XBOX games play on the XBOX 360?

Yes there is a list you can look up at on the XBOX website or we have one posted in the store.

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Will Playstation 2 games play on a Playstation 3?

Only if your PS3 has the four controller ports in the front. Also all PS1 games play on all PS3 systems.

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Will Playstation 1 games play on a Playstation 2?


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Will XBOX 360 games play on an XBOX ONE?

Yes, there are tons of games that will play on XBox one. You can view our updated list here: XBOX 360 games that play on XBOX ONE.

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Do you carry AC adapters, controllers, and AV cables?

Yes we do. We keep most accessories in stock.  If you need cords you can bring your system in and we will make sure you get the right ones and that it works before you make a purchase.

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Do you host tournaments?

We have them often in our Florence store. The city won’t allow us to in Greensboro because of the zoning. We are looking into doing some where whoever scores the highest on a game wins prizes.

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Are you currently hiring?

We just hired three people in Greensboro as we are growing fast. If you are interested in employment for either store, send your resume to Edwardchambers@mattsgameexchange.com. If were not hiring at the moment, we will keep it on file for when we do.

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What if you do not have the game or system I am looking for?

We have a reservation list that we can put you on. We get hundreds if not more games every week. If your game comes in, we will hold it for you and give you a call.

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My game will not save. Can you replace the battery?

Yes, we carry an assortment of batteries and can replace them in most games. We charge $10.00.

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Do you buy collections?

Yes we do – large or small. The biggest collection we bought this year consisted of 187 different systems with a huge assortment of games. There were 114 boxes of video games, systems, and accessories. We do ask on larger collections to make an appointment if possible.

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Do you have a rewards program?

Yes – we have a very generous rewards program. For every dollar you spend you get a point. The points add up to free stuff or discounts. Also we send out weekly specials. There is no charge to join.
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Do you ship?

Yes, we ship daily to all over the world. We can take your order over the phone and in most cases have it out the same day.

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Do you have an e-commerce site?

We are loading inventory on it now and will have it up soon.

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Do you buy broken systems?

We do most, but not all.

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Do you quote prices over the phone for trade-ins?

Sorry, no we don’t. We need to test systems, see the conditon to make an accurate offer. In some instances on large collections  you can email us a list and pics to tom@mattsgameexchange.com

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Do you give more for original boxes and manuals?

Yes we do. And most times its significantly more.

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Do you buy games without the cases?

Yes and no it depends on the games. Most cartridge games we do. Disk games are harder to display and are on a case by case basis.

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What is your hottest selling system?

The Retron 2 – it plays both Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. They are very reliable and aren’t as finicky as the original Nintendo systems.

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Do you sell bundles?

Yes, we feature various bundles every week. Also we are more than happy to make a custom one for you.

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Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do for any occasion and for any amount.

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Do you give more value for store credit over cash?

Yes we do. Approximately 25% more in store credit

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