Quiz – Pokemon Professor

How many badges are obtainable in the original Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow?

How many floors make up Victory Road in Kanto reigon of Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow?

How many Pokemon can be stored in the Pokemon Storage System used in the first generation of games?

How many Squirtles are in the “Squirtle Squad”?

How many technical machines, or “TM” for short, can be obtained within the most recent generation of Pokemon Games?

Where can you find the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo in the games Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow?

How Many gym badges are obtainable in the games Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Crystal?

What town located in the Kanto region has notorious eerie music rumored to cause insomnia, anxiety, and more?

Where do you find the daycare center in the games Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, while chasing the legendary Pokemon Giratina, you are transported to alternate dimension known as the…?

Which Pokemon games take place in the Sinnoh region?

Which Pokemon was originally planned to be Ash’s companion before being replaced by Pikachu?

How many Pokemon does Eevee have the option of evolving into as of Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y?

This misunderstood Pokemon can sense danger and is often blamed for natural disasters while attempting to warn people of the upcoming danger.

Which Pokemon has the highest base defense stat out of all six generations?

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