Super Nintendo Saturday – Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Today is Super Nintendo Saturday and each week we will be featuring a different SNES game. Feel free to email us with any requests and we will put them in our queue.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors, 1993

Zombies Ate My Neighbors (ZAMN) is a “run and gun” game released for SNES (and Genesis). The game centers around Zeke and Julia, who must explore 99 levels and rescue their neighbors from zombies and other horror-esque characters. Every level has a different setting, the neighborhood, the mall, etc. You are armed with a few not-quite-weapon weapons: soda cans, squirt guns, weed-whackers, silverware, and other random items.

Throughout the levels, your neighbors have spawned in sometimes hard-to-reach places. You must use keys you find to unlock doors, jump on trampolines over hedges, rely on chainsaw-wielding maniacs, or use the weed-whackers to get through blocked off areas before the zombies/monsters do. Unfortunately, it only takes one touch from a zombie/monster to kill one of your neighbors, so plan your rescues accordingly.

This definitely isn’t a shoot-em-up, gory zombie game. It’s really just a lot of fun and has quite the cult following. A sequel was released for SNES called Ghoul Patrol. If you can’t find this game in the wild, you can download the digital release in the Wii Virtual Console.

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