Apex Legends New Skins Overpriced And There is a Catch?

On February 13th Apex Legends got its first update and since Valentine’s Day was the next day EA/Respawn added Valentine’s Day themed cosmetics. EA/Respawn added a total of three Valentine’s Day items to the game, one a free account badge (That you have to unlock by reviving or respawning a teammate during the event from Feb. 13 to Feb. 19, and the other two are A Epic skin for the Longbow called “Through the Heart.” and a Legendary Pathfinder animated banner frame that are both locked behind a paywall.

Now here is the problem both the frame and gun skin cost 1,100 Apex Coins each, and If you didn’t know the smallest amount of Apex Coins you can purchase right now is $9.99 for 1,000 Coins. So not only are some people complaining that $11 is to high for a skin but now you have to spend more then the skin cost to make the purchase.

Apex Coins Prices

  • 1,000 Apex Coins — $9.99.
  • 2,000 (+150 bonus) Apex Coins — $19.99.
  • 4,000 (+350 bonus) Apex Coins — $39.99.
  • 6,000 (+750 bonus) Apex Coins — $59.99.
  • 10,000 (1,500 bonus) Apex Coins — $99.99.

This means a player that does not have coins will need to spend a minimum of $30 before they can buy $22 worth of skins.

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