BRKTS – Up and Coming Card Game


We just got a new card game in called BRKTS (pronounced Brackets). The game was made by a small business here in Florence, SC.

The purpose of the game is imagination and debate. There are two types of cards – a category and a scenario. You start by choosing a category (video game characters) and each person involved will choose a video game character. Then you choose a scenario (broken bottle fight) and the purpose is to debate with the other players why your character should win. The winner advances on in the brackets.

Below you can see the progression of an in-store match we had between employees. This was a lot of fun and the possibilities and outcomes are absolutely endless because you get to choose your own characters.






This “Game of Debate” is currently being sold in both of our locations for $20. This will be a great addition to your board/card game collection! Be sure to check them out on Facebook!

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