Nintendo Repair – Easy and Free

Got that nagging blinking red light? Games won’t play? Frustrated? Nintendo’s are the easiest of all systems to repair. Follow our simple instructions and you’ll be playing in no time.


Dirt will prevent your system from playing. Also the contacts on the Nintendo cartridge and the 72 pin connector inside that it slides into are copper. Copper oxidizes over time leaving a lead colored film – especially if it hasn’t been played in a while.

We used to get cleaning kits years ago from Naki to clean games and systems. We went through them by the cases. They worked great but are no longer available so here’s a better way.

No special screwdrivers, no parts and certainly no expertise is needed! All you need is some 50/50 alcohol and water and q-tips. We buy ours at Walmart for .50 cents a bottle. You want to use a 50/50 solution because the water cleans and the alcohol evaporates the water. Don’t use straight alcohol or water.

Simply take any game and get a q-tip wet with the solution. Use generously. Swab the copper contacts in the cartridge and place it in the system. Put it in and take it out several times. Wipe the contacts on the game dry. Repeat several times. Keep doing it till the q-tip is no longer dirty. One little speck can prevent your system from working. Not only is the game clean, but you are cleaning the 72 pin connector inside as well.

If the 72 pin connector is worn we recommend when putting the game in to not push it in all the way. Push it in the system then pull it back to where it barely slides down. Sometimes you may need to push the reset button if it still blinks red.

We provide this service for free for our customers. Bring your system in and a couple of your games and we will show you how to do it. We want you to play games at Matt’s Game Exchange.

In rare cases we can replace your 72 pin connector and it will be like new. We charge $15.00 to replace it.

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And don’t forget – we just want you to play games and have fun!

Happy Gaming!

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