Super Nintendo Saturday – LoZ: A Link to the Past

Today is Super Nintendo Saturday and each week we will be featuring a different SNES game. Feel free to email us with any requests and we will put them in our queue.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, 1992

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (LoZ/ALTTP) is the third installment of the Legend of Zelda saga and the only in this series available on the Super Nintendo. You play as Link (or whatever you decide to name him) on his journey to save Princess Zelda, who called to him telepathically. The story thickens, however. Once you save Princess Zelda, you must seek out the Master Sword by retrieving the Pendants of Virtue. Once wielding the Master Sword,  Link must attempt to defeat the evil wizard Agahnim, who has kidnapped the princess once again. After the attempt to defeat him, Agahnim pulls Link into a the new Dark World. This is the first LoZ game to feature a light/dark world, which is then a staple in subsequent releases. Link must rescue Princess Zelda and six other maidens from various dungeons and defeat various bosses before facing Agahnim once again, and finally defeating him and Ganondorf, the leader of thieves who stole the Tri-Force and transformed the land.

One of the most fun aspects of this game is the ability to explore the land of Hyrule. There are many hidden items, heart pieces, and characters to find. While some of these do lend to the progression of the story, exploring a little will not hinder gameplay. It is very easy to get lost just having fun. Asides from this, the game is neither easy nor difficult. The dungeons which you must quest through are often times like a puzzle you must solve. That said, the puzzles are not impossible to solve and defeating each dungeon boss is relatively easy using the special items Link attains throughout his journey.

ALTTP also pushed the Super Nintendo to all the limits. The 16-bit graphics allows more depth to be given to the overall world, as well as giving it a more realistic look. This game in the series also has a masterful soundtrack – much of which is carried throughout the other games in the saga.

ALTTP has incredible replay value that absolutely stands the test of time. While beating it once in adolescence, adulthood has warranted I play again for the sake of nostalgia. There was simply nothing better than the little girl in me staring at the TV after defeating Ganondorf and obtaining the Tri-Force. Perhaps adult me just wanted to make a wish. This game is definitely a must play game for everyone.

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